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Frustrated with Roadside Inspections?

Are you getting the most out of your Owner-Operator agreement without exposing your company to the Texas Workforce Commission?

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Are your CSA Scores and DOT Rating keeping you from new business? Are you losing business? Are you insurance premiums going up?

Is your insurance company keeping its promise to provide safety and training services?

Can’t find drivers? Can’t keep drivers?

Are everyday expenses eating your profits?

Lasting solutions protecting your people and profits

Proven methods for reducing frequency and severity of citations and fines.

Court tested business logic beneficial to both your company and the independent contractor.

Over 20 years of experience negotiating contracts in the oil and gas industry to protect trucking companies and limit their liability.

These scores can be managed, reduced and negotiated with your shippers.

Our Certified Fleet Safety personnel can help provide training, policies and procedures to reduce losses and avoid litigation.

Repeated success with driver marketing and compensation plans to keep you profitable and drivers in the seats.

We can implement money saving programs and operational audits to regain your lost profits.

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