Chris McCarty

Certified Fleet Safety – Director Level

Chris McCarty brings an extensive background of practical experience to transportation companies throughout Texas. He understands and has managed safety, dispatch, sales and operations departments of trucking companies large and small. Chris has litigation and courtroom experience in managing major accident claims and lawsuits, and significant experience in contract review and negotiation with customers, vendors and owner operators. Chris earned his Certified Fleet Safety – Director’s designation in 2001.

As the President of Warriner Solutions, Chris works with our insureds to improve their safety discipline, operational performance and regulatory compliance. His goal is to ensure clients have the access to resources that maintain safe and profitable operation year round, between the renewal dates. Warriner Solutions provides a comprehensive menu of services to guarantee that trucking companies are always “Protecting Profits.”

From 2008-2013, Chris was the General Manager of Cheetah Transportation, a fleet customer insured by Warriner & Associates. During Chris’ tenure, the company had an exceptional loss history and safety record. Prior to being GM, Chris was the Safety Director for Cheetah from 2001-2008. It was during his time at Cheetah that Chris developed an excellent working relationship with many of the law enforcement members in the greater Houston area.

From 1998-2000 Chris was a safety manager for Albis Corporation, a manufacturer of plastic polymers. It was at this time that Chris obtained extensive OSHA training and developed the skills for managing a safety department.

Chris’ first exposure to trucking was from 1992-1997 as a CDL driver for McCarty Enterprises, a family owned business that hauled wide loads (mobile homes/offices).

Chris is a former Chairman of the Houston Council of Safety Professionals. He currently sits on the steering committee for the TXTA – Houston Chapter.

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